How to Fix a Crashed Android Phone

Do you have some issues with you Android phones? Is your device keep crashing or lagging? If "Yes", here's some basic troubleshooting for a crashing … [Read More...]

What If Android Phone Screen Keeps Flashing?

There appears a flash screen on some people's new Android phones, and they doubted whether there is something wrong with the phones. However, it might … [Read More...]

25 best Android tips to make your phone more useful

Android is the most popular computing platform in the world thanks in part to how fast it has evolved over the years. Google is always adding new … [Read More...]

Proven, Tested Tips To Extend Your Android’s Battery Life

Getting more out of less — that seems to be the way of the world right now. There’s only so much of anything, and we want to make it last, right? Can … [Read More...]

16 Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

1. Type by swiping Gesture typing allows you to compose messages by dragging your finger from letter to letter, which is super convenient if you’ve … [Read More...]

Maintain your health and mind with these 15 medical apps

Keeping up your health can be hard work — America’s rising obesity levels can attest to that. These days, we spend countless hours gawking at our … [Read More...]

Google brings Android Auto to the phone

Earlier this year, Google announced its plans to bring Android Auto, its phone-centric in-car infotainment platform, “to every car” by launching it as … [Read More...]

Meditation startup Simple Habit adds Android, web app

Mindfulness app Simple Habit has expanded its reach, launching an Android version and also adding a web app to widen the touchpoints for what the team … [Read More...]

Things every android owner should try right now

There so many cool things you can do with Android that you probably don't even know. From custom ROMs to gorgeous launchers, apps, LED notifications, … [Read More...]

Allo brings Google’s smarts to messaging

Google first announced Allo and Duo, its new messaging and video chat apps, at its I/O developer conference earlier this year. Duo launched about a … [Read More...]

How to move your photos, contacts, and more from Android to iPad and iPhone

Moving your photos, contacts, calendars, and accounts from your old Android phone or tablet to your new iPhone or iPad is easier than ever with … [Read More...]

Things to do with your new Android phone

You’ve just unwrapped your very first Android phone. Congratulations! As Obi-Wan Kenobi would say, “you’ve taken your first steps into a larger … [Read More...]

Digit, a simple app to help you save, launches Android app

Whether you’re working out of a dorm room or running a billion-dollar company, a little pivot can go a long way. At their worst, pivots can derail a … [Read More...]

What to Do When Your Android Phone or Tablet Won’t Turn On

You turn on your Android phone or tablet by pressing its power button — simple. If that button won’t work, your device isn’t necessarily broken — … [Read More...]

How to fix an Android phone if it is stuck or frozen on the Samsung logo

Sometimes Android phones get frozen or stuck on their loading screens. This isn’t too common of an issue with Samsung phones running on the Android … [Read More...]

5 Common Causes To Laggy Android Devices (And How To Fix Them)

No matter where your loyalties lie, we all hate lag on devices with a vengeance. Gamers despise it because it interrupts their fights and … [Read More...]

Google’s new Sprayscape app is purposely imperfect

With Android Experiments, Google is giving itself the freedom to experiment with quirky little apps that show off some interesting technologies but … [Read More...]

The SMOVE stabilizes and charges your phone for steady video shoots

When unmanned aerial vehicle makers and gimbal engineers get together they like to have a few beers and make something like the SMOVE. Designed to … [Read More...]

Add Google Assistant to your phone by tweaking two lines of code

Want Google Assistant, but don’t want to spend your allowance on a Pixel? I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is you can get it with two … [Read More...]

10 Common Galaxy S7 Problems & How to Fix Them

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge are among the best Android smartphones available in 2016, but they aren’t perfect. In fact, multiple reports … [Read More...]

How To Fix Your Soft-Bricked Android Device – First Aid Guide

Android device does not boot anymore If you’re able to turn on your phone or tablet, but it won’t boot, it mean that the device is stuck in the … [Read More...]

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