OnePlus delivering Nougat to OnePlus 3 and 3T

  OnePlus has announced that it has begun its rollout of OxygenOS 4.0 to the OnePlus 3 and 3T. The most notable change in OxygenOS 4.0 is the … [Read More...]

Less than 1% of active Androids run Nougat, 29.6% on Marshmallow

Marshmallow is running on nearly one third of Android phones, while Nougat sees slow growth. Google's latest report on Android version distribution … [Read More...]

How to bypass Android’s lock screen pattern, PIN or password

The main reason to set up some sort of lock screen security on your smartphone is to keep strangers (or friends) from checking out your messages or … [Read More...]

What to Do If You Forget Your Android Phone’s PIN, Pattern, or Password

Android normally secures your device by demanding a PIN, pattern, or full password. Your phone isn’t useless if you forget the unlock code — you can … [Read More...]

Charging Your Smartphone… What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

Modern smartphones consume so much energy that charging them once a day is not always enough.When they are used intensively, the user sometimes has to … [Read More...]

Best VR apps for exercise

  It doesn't have to look like exercise, it can look like fun! Sometimes you need motivation to work out, and there's no problem with … [Read More...]

Cyanogen failed to kill Android, now it is shuttering its services and OS as part of a pivot

It’s been a rocky few months for Cyanogen, the ambitious startup that aimed to build a better version of Android than Google. It has laid off staff, … [Read More...]

Google responds to EU antitrust charges against Android

Google has now filed its official response to the EU’s antitrust charges against its Android mobile OS. The company had previously been granted a … [Read More...]

Google ‘strongly’ recommends against third-party fast charging technology on Android

Everyone, it seems, is going the fast charging route these days. Thanks to the nearing ubiquity of USB-C on flagship devices, the feature is quickly … [Read More...]

More Android devices are running Gingerbread than Nougat 7.0

Slowly but surely, the news of Nougat updates are starting to roll in. The OnePlus 3 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will be getting beta versions … [Read More...]

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 first impressions: Not just a Note 7 clone

After introducing the Mi 5 and the Mi 5s, Xiaomi followed up with the launch of the Mi Note 2 in October. The phone is the first from Xiaomi to … [Read More...]

3 perfect apps for editing photos on the go

These are the apps to use for a quick photo edit. Whether you're showing off your trip abroad to friends on social media or sharing photos with … [Read More...]

Google launches fourth developer preview of Android Wear 2.0

 Google first announced Android Wear 2.0 at its I/O developer conference in May, with a promise to roll it out to all users later this year. It has … [Read More...]

Best Android Remote Desktop Apps Compared: Which Is Right For You?

  Are you a tech support person on the go? Maybe you just want to be able to set up a download on your home computer while you’re away. … [Read More...]

11 tricks to make your Android run faster

  It’s frustrating to drop several hundred dollars ona high-end smartphone only to find that the smooth and speedy performance you … [Read More...]

Google brings RCS, the next-gen upgrade to SMS, to Android phones on Sprint

 As promised earlier this year, Google is bringing RCS – Rich Communications Service, an upgrade to the SMS standard – to Android devices. Its first … [Read More...]

Samsung Galaxy S8 said to drop the headphone jack

Throughout the year, we’ve seen the likes of Motorola, HTC, and other companies decide that getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack is the right way … [Read More...]

Best Android developer tools

Android development is getting easier and easier with more companies making tools that allow developers to do almost anything. Google of course has … [Read More...]

Help! My Android has malware!

What to do if you think you've got an infected Android phone or tablet We've talked about antivirus apps for Android a little, specifically if … [Read More...]

What To Do When Your Android Phone is Stolen

Your Android phone is a little of everything: a photo album, a diary, a wallet, a gaming machine, a bank account, and more all rolled together in one … [Read More...]

How to remove virus from Android | How to stop Android virus

If you believe your Android phone or tablet has a virus then the good news is it's really easy to delete. Here's how to stop an Android virus and how … [Read More...]

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