Robert Scoble: Apple’s One of the Biggest Fans Shifts to Android


Devoted Apple fanatic/tech blogger Robert Scoble is switching to Android  believing  that Apple wasn’t innovating as fast as Android. Scoble is one of Silicon Valley’s most outspoken voices in tech, with 315,000 followers on Twitter and 481,000 subscribers on Facebook. He’s been one of Apple’s biggest fans, regularly camping out overnight at Apple Stores ahead of major product launches. In recent months, Scoble has grown increasingly critical of the company. In yesterday’s post, he said the iPhone was a productivity killer, pushing nonstop notifications to its users.

“Most of us aren’t disciplined when it comes to our productivity (me included) and most of us don’t change defaults, or play around with settings to figure out what power is hidden underneath,” he wrote.

Scoble is in line to get one of the first versions of Google Glass, a wearable Android device that projects data onto eyeglasses. In the run-up to getting his hands on the device, he said he had been spending more time on Android.

‘Apple fanboy’ Robert Scoble switching to Android [via]

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