11 useful tips for Nexus 4 owners on how to make the device efficient, maximised and beautiful every day

Nexus 4 It is one of the first to receive Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and features great hardware which can last for many years. Android Authority gives out 11 useful tips for Nexus 4 owners one how to make this device efficient, maximised and beautiful every day.

1.       Protect Your Investment

Google Nexus 4 is particularly fragile and even its Corning Gorilla Glass screen can be shattered. Invest on some sturdy sleeves or protector to increase the phone’s defence against unwanted bumps.

2.       Cut the Cord
Nowadays, wireless charging is becoming more common to smartphones, and it is recommended to use the new technology to remove the stress on your cables or wired charging port. Check out the store near you for wireless chargers.

3.       Expand Your Lock Screen
Jelly Bean 4.2 offers new lock screen functionality for Google Nexus 4. It allows you to add widgets such as camera or calendar and access them by swiping through the lock screen without unlocking the device.

4.       Capture Your Screen
Screen shot capture has been provided by Android OS to most devices and you only need to press Volume Down plus the Power key to take a shot of what do you want on the screen. A flash will display about the captured screen.

5.       Set Your Phone Right Quick
Accessing specific system settings can take two or more clicks on your device, and by using the Quick Settings, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean will take right to them. Swipe two fingers downward from the notifications bar to view all listed toggles and shortcuts of the Quick Settings.

6.       Keep Your Screens Clean
If you are annoyed by Google Play automatically creating icons on your home screen whenever you install a new application, go to the Play Store’s Settings and uncheck the “Auto-add widgets”. In this way, you can keep your screens clean after installation and manage which important icons you want to put on the home screen.

7.       Unleash Your Inner Shutterbug
Google Nexus 4 running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean takes full benefit for users with inner “instagram” abilities. Go to the Gallery App and select an image you want, click on the “three-circle” icon below and apply filters to it. This can a very good alternative from installing a separate image editor.

8.       Create Your Own Street View Picture
Use the Photo Sphere and bear with the connect the dots to create your own “street view” like images as if in 3D mode. This feature can be very useful if you want to capture an accurate detail of a specific space.

9.       Teach Your Nexus to Pronounce Your Name
Contacts in Google Nexus 4 comes with a new call card which allows you to pronounce names using Google Voice Command. If the name is difficult to pronounce or similar to other contacts, you can add up a nickname for the Voice Command to use instead. This is very useful to direct family members with “Mother,” “Brother,” and so forth.

10.   Make Your Phone a Personal Assistant
Use the Google Now service and be provided with information you never expected you wanted. The app can provide not only weather but also sports, traffic updates and even contents about any topic you want to ask.

11.   Daydreaming
The new Daydream feature from Android 4.2 Jelly Bean may not be very popular, but it can make your device work even when you are sleeping. Daydream can make your phone do picture slideshow, acts as classic alarm clock, or something to play with using Beanflinger under dock or when plugged to its charger.

Google Nexus 4 Tips to Make it More Useful Than Ever [via au.ibtimes.com]


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    11 useful tips for Nexus 4 owners on how to make the device efficient, maximised and beautiful every day

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    11 useful tips for Nexus 4 owners on how to make the device efficient, maximised and beautiful every day

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    11 useful tips for Nexus 4 owners on how to make the device efficient, maximised and beautiful every day

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