Guide on how to set up your screen lock

Android provides many ways to lock your phone screen so that others can not use. These settings are available in: Settings — Security — Screen Lock.

Note: Not all methods are safe and fully secure. Here is a quick guide on how to set up your screen lock.

None – Leaves the phone unlocked. Not secure at all
Slide – Slide to un-lock. Any one can unlock. This is not at all hard to guess
Face Unlock – This feature is available only on high end phones. This is not secure enough because anyone who has your photo can unlock it.
Pattern – Provides a basic level of security. Patters are easy to remember. Anyone who is looking over your shoulder can see the pattern and unlock it.
PIN – Medium to high security. You can choose your pin. Pin is only numbers
Password – High security. You can choose an alpha-numeric password that can be hard to crack.



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