Tips to Stop your Battery from Exploding

If a battery manufacturer follows all the guidelines they can certainly produce a perfectly safe battery, but some have also been known to save money by not inserting the fuse which disconnects the circuit in the case of overheating of the battery. Obviously, the effects of this missing fuse can be very dangerous, especially if you have a habit of charging your smartphone all night… maybe on the bedside table… 30 cm from your head.

In general, your best bet for not having any unexpected battery combustion problems are:

  • Rely on the manufacturer’s original battery or well-known replacement brands. It may be cheaper to buy cheap batteries, but consider how much you pay for your phone and how much you like your apartment in one piece. You wouldn’t put threadbare tires on a Ferrari.
  • Do not leave your device in hot areas, especially if it’s charging. That only makes overheating problems worse. Ambient temperatures affect batteries a lot.
  • If your phone is charging or you are using functions that cause it to heat up a lot, make sure you are using it in a ventilated place (also useful in case you need to toss it out the window).
  • And surprisingly, charging your battery once it hits 50% is actually a good thing. Li-ion batteries don’t suffer from memory issues like some batteries, but they can be damaged by low-voltage.

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