How Black Wallpaper Can Save Your Battery

In the smartphone market at the moment the majority of displays are either AMOLED or LCD – but many owners don’t know that the kind of wallpaper, yes, wallpaper, you choose can actually make a difference to your battery life depending on the type of screen with which your device is equipped.

First off, LCD. LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and it’s the same kind of technology you’ll find in your televisions, monitors and so on. As the name suggests, Liquid Crystal Displays are actually crystals, and as such, they don’t emit light of their own but rather transmit light from a light source behind them. That means that even if you’re looking at black on your smartphone or tablet screen, it is actually black lit up from behind. Hence, LCD displays don’t really display ”true” black. They are also quite power hungry as every pixel needs to be illuminated all the time.

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