Tips on how to block inappropriate content from your child’s mobile devices

Inappropriate ContentInappropriate content is just one of the hazards that face inexperienced users of today’s complex mobile devices. Add in random texting, unauthorized in-app purchases, location tracking and malware, and it’s not surprising that parents are sometimes reluctant to buy that first smartphone!

But you have to start somewhere. So start with filters.
Inappropriate content is not just about porn and violence. It can come in the most indirect ways – such as the Google search example above. Also, if you are around kids, there are some subjects that you simply don’t want to have to explain before they’re ready. Filters can be be set up for smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, e-readers and gaming consoles.

The good news is that as hardware and operating systems have become more sophisticated, so have the protections that can safeguard our kids. Apple has frequently updated its Restrictions option, which allows parents to disable many of the iPhone’s features, including Safari, access to YouTube and iTunes, and even use of the camera. While most Android devices still rely on third-party apps to provide security, some manufacturers are not waiting for Google to catch up and are adding parental controls of their own. One of the best is NetNanny because it’s easy to use and inexpensive.

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