Samsung Galaxy S3: Top 15 Tips and Tricks on How-to-Fix Commonly Known Issues

Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 aren’t only frustrated with the delayed Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update; they are also maddened by issues such as poor reception, short battery life, sudden death illness and more. If you are being plagued Galaxy S3 issue, know the solution right on your fingertips.

1. Wi-Fi Drops or Not Detected

Some users reported Wi-Fi connectivity with the Galaxy S3 which is a common thing among Android smartphones.

Cause: The Wi-Fi sleep policy may be active which terminates the connection in a specific time. Details from the router such as username and password may not be the same or the ISP itself may be suffering a problem.

Solution 1: Install an application called Wi-Fi Analyser and check if the problem is caused by the router or your device.

Solution 2: Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Set “Always” on the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep.

2. Poor Network Reception

Network coverage varies from the network carrier, location and the internal antennae on your phone.

Causes: This is mainly caused by different types and structures of antennas on devices. SIM installation and location where you are in may also contribute to the problem.

Solution 1: Make sure you are not inside an area covered with walls as radio signal decreases significantly.

Solution 2: Double check if your SIM card is inserted properly. Turn off the device and reinsert the SIM. Do not insert SIM cards with a different size than the SIM tray.

Solution 3: Contact your network carrier which may be doing some system improvements which causes your reception to go haywire.

Solution 4: Go to your manufacturer instead so that they can diagnose if any hardware components have been damaged.

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