Migrating to Android from iOS? Some basic Apps to look into

If you are migrating to Android from iOS, the first thing you will probably want to do is find the Android versions or equivalents of your iPhone or iPad apps. But there are a couple of new things you should look into.

1. Keyboards. The Android keyboard has improved over the past few years and is now a pretty powerful keyboard. It features word prediction and the ability to compose words by “swiping” rather than tapping at the keys. Android allows you to change your keyboard and you may want to take a look at a third party keyboard. My personal favorite is SwiftKey, because of its advance word prediction algorithms. Swiftkey learns your typing patterns as you use it. You can also give it access to your Gmail, SMS, Facebook, Yahoo and SMS accounts and it will learn from things you have written in the past.

2. File managers. Your new Android phone may or may not already have a file manager. If it does not come with one, I suggest you grab one from Google Play. It will allow you to access the different folders and files on your Android device in the same way you do on your Mac or Windows computer. I useRoot Explorer, but that is really for rooted devices (more on that in a future article). But I have looked at a few others and pretty much all file managers are quite good. I think I would start with ES File Explorer.

3. Launcher. Many Android phones come with different user interfaces, each of which can be extensively customized for your needs. Each one has its own merits. I suggest you start with whatever your phone comes with. Once you are comfortable with your stock launcher, give third party launchers a look. Now, there are plenty good ones, but the one I use is the Nova Launcher. It is a good place to start.

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