Quickoffice app now free, comes with 10GB extra Drive space for limited time

Quickoffice appQuickoffice is one of the best document editing suites on Android. It allows you to edit, create and browse through documents, spreadsheets and other file types on your Android smartphone or tablet. It also supports Microsoft Office file types. And for a low price, it was absolutely worth it.

Google recently purchased Quickoffice, and the fruits of their labor have finally bloomed. The app is now being offered for free for both Android and iOS, so you can do your document creation and editing without paying a cent.

Best of all, if you download the app, you can get 10 extra gigabytes of Google Drive storage for free! Sign in with your Google account in the app by September 26 and you’ll receive that 10GB for two years. Don’t expect to see it immediately; Google says it’ll be added to your account in the next few weeks.

If you ever check documents from your Android device, go download the app by clicking on the widget! Get the 10GB of extra Drive space before it’s too late and enjoy!

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