The Android photographer’s toolkit: 9 essential apps for shooting, editing and sharing

Android Photographers ToolkitHere is an essential guide to the very best Android photography apps.


The act of taking a photo is just as important (if not more so) as the editing you do afterwards. The perfect exposure, framing and focusing will produce a better raw image that is then easier to spruce up in post-production.

Get it right first time and in many cases, it’ll already be perfect for sharing on the Web. Choosing a decent camera app is therefore your top priority.


Applying artistic filters and making small adjustments to the contrast, brightness and color temperature has become a huge part of smartphone photography. In the past, many of these features were only obtainable through expensive desktop apps such as Aperture and Adobe Photoshop – but now they’re available to anyone with an Android device.

There are plenty of apps in the Google Play Store focusing on one specific tool or effect, but we’ve chosen to highlight the best photo-editing apps that offer all of these features in a single package.

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