Themer Launches Android Beta, Gives Your Phone a Makeover with One Tap

Android: The one-click customization launcher Themer is now available on the Play Store. If you were one of the 2,000 users who got in on our early access, you should be getting an access code soon. Otherwise, you can sign up here. Download the app here.

To get in on the beta, head to and enter your email address to sign up. On October 1st, when the app goes live on the Play Store, you’ll need an access code to get in. The first 2,000 readers to sign up at the above link will get priority access and receive an access code that day. Everyone else will be part of a staged rollout.

The app itself will allow you to set entire comprehensive themes for your phone with a single tap. It will include a gallery of community-built designs which, if we can judge from the submissions to My Color Screen’s site, should be a pretty impressive collection.

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