How to send group texts on an Android Smartphone

How to send group texts on an Android smartphone

Step 1.

With Android, a good way to manage group texts is to set up a contacts group first. So the first thing to do is go into Contacts. Tap Apps then Contacts or tap Contacts from the home screen.

Step 1 Group text from Android

Step 2.

Tap Groups to get into the Groups area of the phone. Depending on your Android version and phone you might have an Add Groups option or you might need to tap the Menu to call up a Create Groups option.

Step 2 Group text from Android

Step 3.

You group needs a meaningful, such as PCA Softball team. Once you’ve typed it in, tap Save to finish creating the group of friends.

Step 3 Group text from Android

Step 4.

Now you can add people to the group by selecting them from your contacts list. On a Samsung Galaxy S III this involves tapping the group then the add contact button and picking from the full contact list.

Step 4 Group text from Android

Step 5.

Go to the messaging app, tap the contacts icon, pick your group and then either Select All or make specific choices for a subset. Tap Done and you return to the messaging app where you can add more recipients or type and send your message.

Step 5 Group text from Android

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