All the Awesome Stuff You Can Do with a Custom Android Launcher

Custom Android LauncherMost people probably use the launcher that comes with their phone. Whether you’re using a skinned manufacturer version, or the stock Android one, custom launchers provide a ton of sweet features that you might not know existed.

If you’re on any Android device that came out in the last two to three years, your best options are going to be Nova and Apex launcher. Many of the features we talk about here can be found in both, however there are very nearly too many custom launchers to count. You can check out Nova (our top pick) as well as plenty of others in our App Directory post.

Use Swipe Actions to Double Your Shortcuts

Many custom launchers offer you the ability to perform actions with swipes on icons. You can tap on Gmail, for example, to open the app like normal, or you can swipe up to open a Gmail label. You can use a swipe gesture to run any of the launcher’s custom actions, or launch any app or shortcut. Effectively, you double the number of shortcuts on your home screen.

Use Gestures to Navigate Your Home Screens

In addition to using swipe gestures, custom launchers often let you use multi-finger gestures to accomplish tasks. As you can see in the video above, you can set up gestures to launch apps, open the multitasking interface, or even quickly jump between your many home screens.

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