Cluster Brings Simple, Social Photo-Sharing To Android

Photo Sharing AppsPhoto-sharing app Cluster, which this summer announced $1.6 million in funding in a round led by early Instagram investor Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures, is today making its mobile photo albums app more practical for real-world use with a launch on Android. The new app is similar to the 1.0 iOS app released earlier this year, with its smart, easy-to-build photo collections you can others to view or contribute to, and share privately.

The Cluster app first debuted this February on iOS-first (as most do), and has been adding new features over the course of the year including things like commenting, sharing, an updated design, and more.

2On Android, the experience is much like that on iPhone: you tap “new” to start an album, then choose “event” or “topic” depending on whether you’re collecting photos around a certain activity, like a birthday, wedding, party, vacation, etc., or whether you want to build a theme-based albums of some sort (e.g., photos of your dog).

When you go to add photos, Cluster’s interface makes it quick to pick all the photos from a given date and location, which reduces the number of steps in building the initial album. Far too often, other apps make you tap on photos one-by-one ahead of sharing or album creation – so this is a minor, but time-saving detail.

After setting up the album, you tap to add contributors, who are invited by email or text. One of Cluster’s nicer features, in an age when too many social apps take it upon themselves to spam your friends, is that you can opt whether you want Cluster to handle the inviting for you, or whether you’d like to compose your own invitations instead. You can also choose to do so in the app itself, or just save an invite code which you can later share however you choose – such as, on Facebook, in a personal email, posted to a website, in a messaging app, or elsewhere.

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