How to Enable PINs, Passwords and Pattern Locks on Android

Android Security AppsOne of the easiest ways to secure an Android device is to lock your screen with a PIN, password or pattern, and yet more than half of all Android devices remain totally unprotected.

The good news is that locking your Android device’s screen is extremely easy, and will put you ahead of more than half of the current Android population. All you need is a few minutes and a working set of fingers. (Keep in mind, however, that many wireless carriers and manufacturers limit this functionality unless you root your Android device.)

First, ensure that your Android smartphone or tablet is updated to the latest software version. This guide is written with Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) systems in mind, although the process is very similar on older versions.

Android devices generally update automatically to the latest system versions offered by the cellular carrier or manufacturer, but if not, clicking “Check now” will take care of it. Wait for the software to install and the system to restart.

Now, click Settings, then Security and then Screen Lock. You’ll get a number of different options, including None (not recommended for obvious reasons), Slide (ever-so-slightly better than None) and Face Unlock (not bad, but somewhat unreliable).

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