3 Apps to Enjoy Your Comics and Mangas

Comics and MangasOne form of media that has definitely stood the test of time is the comic book. Since 1933, when the first comic book was published, the industry has grown from strength to strength and led to blockbuster creations such as the Avengers and Batman. And the main reason people still read comics is that they provide both visual and textual gratification to the reader. Thanks to our mobile devices getting larger screens and the ubiquity of tablets, comics are no longer limited to physical books but can also be enjoyed on our Android devices.

There is now a growing number of apps that allow you to devour comics and mangas on your mobile device, and in this article I will show you my personal favorites and help you find a few other high quality ones.

Comics by ComiXology
The first app I’m looking at today is Comics, which provides a huge database of popular comics and displays them all in an easy to follow format. Upon opening Comics, you’ll instantly be shown hundreds of downloadable books that you can choose to read. From this front page you will be able to see the regular deals and some of the most popular reads available. You’ll also be able to access the huge range of free comics on offer in the app’s catalogue.

The front page of Comics is informative and allows for easy navigation.

When deciding whether you want to download a comic, you have a wide range of information at your disposal. By tapping on any comic, you are taken to a page with a summary, ratings and even a preview image of the content. All of this information is great if you’re wandering into new comic material as it gives you a brief glimpse of what to expect.

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