Capture Ideas, Lectures and Interviews With Easy Voice Recorder

Easy Voice RecorderEasy Voice Recorder Pro lets users capture and play audio recordings on their Android device, and unlike many other similar apps, can record in high-quality PCM format and output WAV files with clear sound. It’s available in both free and paid flavors, and allows for quick recording without launching the app, making it perfect for taking notes wherever you are.

What Can I Record?

As a tech journalist, I constantly have to conceptualize stories, list questions for interviews, make notes while reviewing apps and hardware, and often have ideas while on the move or when I don’t really have enough time to jot down my thoughts on paper or type them all out. Rather than lose these ideas to the wind, I decided to simply record them as voice notes for future reference. Many users may also find loud thinking beneficial to their thought process: I, for one, like to let out my thoughts like a sieve and organize them later.

Spoken notes are a lot quicker to record than handwritten or typed ones, so if you need to make short to-do or grocery lists, a voice note can save you a second trip back to the store. Plus, you can record meetings, interviews, lectures to listen to and transcribe later. Musicians and songwriters can also benefit from using a recorder — great ideas can strike at any time, and with this, you’ll never again have to worry about forgetting a riff or melody by the time you get home to your instrument to try it.

Easy Voice Recorder Reporting for Duty

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get started with voice recording, Easy Voice Recorder is a great choice to go with. The two-pane interface lets you begin capturing and playing back recordings in a flash, and allows for renaming files and moving them to folders. The free version packs in enough functionality for most folks, but if you want more control over audio quality, you can check out the paid version that enables recording in stereo, Bluetooth mic support, mic gain boost and more.

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