5 Best Free Tools To Lock Or Password-Protect Apps On Android

Android Apps Lock

The security of a smartphone is something that should be taken very seriously. Android OS does allow users to add a passcode lock to the lock screen, but many users find it very inconvenient and would rather risk their data getting into the wrong hands than enter the PIN or pattern lock every time. Majority of us use email and other messaging apps on our mobile devices, which contain sensitive data that we wouldn’t want others to access. What if you could just password protect specific apps such as Gallery, Messages, etc? The Google Play Store has some decent tools that password protect specific apps so you don’t have to lock the entire device. Past the break, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best apps from this genre.


As the name suggests, AppLock gives users the ability to password protect any or all Android apps on their devices. Once installed, the app requires you to set up a passcode lock as well as a recovery email address for itself, after which it shows all the apps installed on your Android device. You can use pattern lock for apps and customize the authentication screen with a background of your choice and downloadable themes from the Play Store.

Install AppLock from Play Store

Smart App Protector

Unlike AppLock, Smart App Protector comes with some extra features, with the most prominent being the Observer mode, which monitors unlocking of the apps and upon failed attempts, captures a snapshot of the intruder with the front-facing camera.

Install Smart App Protector from Play Store

Perfect App Protector

This tool comes with additional useful features, one of which is a ‘Stealth Mode’ that hides the app itself from the launcher. Like most other similar apps, it also features anti-force removal; it adds itself to Device Administrators to prevent users from deleting it

Install Perfect App Protector from Play Store (Free)

Install Perfect App Protect Pro from Play Store (Paid)

Visidon Applock

This app is slightly different from the ones above. Visidon Applock uses facial recognition technology to secure apps. Before you enable the locking service, it requires users to set up an alternative password that can be used to unlock the apps if facial recognition fails. During our testing, however, the app recognized the registered face on the first try.

Download Visidon Applock (Free)

Download Visidon Applock (Paid)

Smart Lock

In addition to apps, Smart Lock also gives users the ability to protect specific media files and folders as well as contacts. The application shows three tabs: Apps, Media and Contacts. The Apps tab lists all the locked applications while the Media tab will show you all the images, videos and music on your device. The Contacts feature is not yet available, but the developer says it will be released soon.

Install Smart Lock Free from Play Store (Free)

Install Smart Lock from Play Store (Paid)

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