2 Android Apps to Turn You Into a Stock Investment Guru

So for the new-age tech-savvy investor of the financial markets, a blessing in disguise would be the availability of all he needs at the touch of a button wherever he goes, and what more could he possible ask for if that were available on the home screen of your very phone?

The Android Stocks Tape Widget is an app that seeks to realize that fantasy by enlightening you with your stock trading purpose with just a glimpse of your eyes. The sole purpose of this brilliant finance app is to ensure that your day starts with the right stocks and accompanies you throughout the day on your Android device.

As veterans or even beginners in the world of stock investment, you’re sure to have seen the sliders and tickers at the bottom of the screen on your TV screens, or glamorized in movies like Wolf of Wall Street.

These bars that slide are indicators of constantly moving stock prices and give quotes along with the company stock code.

The Android Stocks Tape Widget app gives you access to an innumerable list of indexes and you can choose a simple ticker slider from the respective index.

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