How to supercharge your Android device’s abilities with Tasker


All of those apps were nifty little utilities that targeted a particular area of smartphone usage and added some heuristics to it to make your phone smarter still. But when it comes to automation on Android, very few apps can claim to be in the same league as the grandaddy of them all — Tasker. Grab the free 7-day trial from the developer’s website before you proceed.

Tasker can detect when you’re at home, for instance, and enable or disable certain settings on your phone to make it function better in that environment. It can launch apps automatically and perform actions based on apps being launched by you. The uses of Tasker are plenty, and we’ll take a look at some examples in this article.

Tasker is essentially a programming tool that allows you to create mini applications on your phone for your own usage. It has a steep learning curve and is only for the more advanced smartphone users among us. But for those who enjoy a challenge, Tasker is (really, really) fun to play with and a genuinely useful tool to have in your arsenal.

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