PureContact: Use Custom Gestures To Place Calls, Send SMS, IM, Emails & More On Android

PureContact’s navigation is super-simple thanks to its no-frills, straightforward UI that’s free from any obtrusive features to confuse you. Once launched, PureContact walks you through a short instructions wizard to get you acquainted with how it works. The app basically sports multiple programmable gestures to perform various actions. For instance, tapping and holding your finger on an empty area on its home screen allows you to insert new speed dial contacts. Likewise, tapping and holding over an existing speed dial lets you edit the pertaining contact information such as renaming or deleting the selected item, and modifying its number, picture or email address etc.

PureContact_Insert PureContact_Edit PureContact_Save

When you create a new speed dial, PureContact imports all the data that’s linked to the selected item from the default contact database including picture, name, number, email address, and any other details. Once you populate the contacts list, you can use any of the supported gestures to perform any specific action. You must, however, first configure these gestures from the Settings screen.

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