How to Fix the “Insufficient Storage Available” Error

How to Fix the “Insufficient Storage Available” Error

There are two main restrictions that virtually all modern smartphones share: short battery life and limited storage space.

Fortunately, there are better ways to solve your sudden storage problem. Here’s a smarter set of steps to take:

Step 1) Download and install the App Cache Cleaner – 1 Tap Clean app for free

How to Fix the “Insufficient Storage Available” Error

Step 2) Run that app and let it scan your Android

Step 3) The app identifies the cache size of all apps on your system. The cache is used to store app history, your login data, and any personal preferences. Clearing the cache can speed up Android performance and free up space on your storage device.

Step 4) You can use App Cache Cleaner to wipe out all cache data at once or just select which individual apps to clear

Step 5) If this doesn’t free up enough storage space, here are some other tips to consider:

-Uninstall large apps that you no longer use (go to the Application Manager to sort through apps by size)

-Connect your Android to a computer and copy over all pictures, songs, or videos that you don’t need to carry with you on your phone

-Buy an SD card and move all your multimedia files over to that card

-Root Android and backup all your data to the cloud, then delete it off your internal storage

If you’ve tried all of those tips and still need more space, then you’re in trouble. Buy a bigger SD card or perform a virus scan to make sure something bad isn’t clogging up your system space.

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