How to take a screenshot with the LG G2: 2 easy methods

You might be confused by the back facing buttons on the LG G2 but you shouldn’t be! Taking a screenshot with the G2 might require a bit of fumbling, but it’s just as effective as any other phone. There are in fact two ways of taking a screenshot with the LG flagship.

LG G2 review
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With hardware buttons

The first way is done with the physical buttons which LG has ingeniously placed on the back of the smartphone to better match how your hand actually holds a phone. However, this positioning has made it to be a bit trickier to take a screenshots by this traditional method, especially if you have bigger fingers:

  • You simply press and hold the power button (middle) and the volume down button (bottom) until you hear a sound or see an animation appear on the display.
androidpit lg g2 screenshot
Make sure you press the middle and bottom buttons and wait for a sound or an animation on the display. You don’tneed to do this flat on a table. © AndroidPIT

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