How to install XBMC on your Android: install the popular Xbox Media Centre on to your Android smartphone or tablet

How to install XBMC on your Android

XBMC started life as a semi-hack of the original Xbox to allow its users to play videos and music through the Microsoft gaming console. Since then its functionality and – in turn – popularity has exploded. Here we will show you how to install XBMC on your Android smartphone and tablet

XBMC is open source software, so it’s a bit like the Wild West in terms of the content it streams. It acts as more of a media gateway or player to 100s of internet sources, rather than being all-inclusive media player such as Netflix or BBC iPlayer. Getting the app onto your Android smartphone and / or tablet is a little tricky since it is not readily available to download via the Google Play store. 

However it is far from impossible. Here’s how you install XMBC on your Android smartphone or tablet.

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