Recordense for Android is a stylish recorder for annotating audio with notes


A quick peruse in Google Play reveals there’s no shortage of audio recording apps at your disposal. Some are pretty basic, while some offer more advanced functionality such as time-tags, and the ability to annotate recordings with photos.

The latest one to hit our radar goes by the name of Recordense, which is a really nicely-designed app that shows a lot of potential. In a nutshell, it lets you mark and tag any part of a recording in real-time, and allocate a category to it. It’s pretty simple stuff, but we took a quick peek under the hood to see exactly what it does.

Recordense: The lowdown

Perhaps one of the app’s biggest flaws, is when you first launch it. You’re greeted by what’s basically a blank screen, with the record button just about visible at the top-right hand side of the app. Over time, the more recordings you make, this blank canvas will be filled with your recordings, but it doesn’t look overly engaging for first-time users. We are, however, told that this will be remedied with the next release of the app, when a large record button will be included by default on the opening screen.

At any rate, for now you will see a giant record button, but only when you tap the little icon at the top.

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