Best Android apps for managing your contacts / Address book

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your MP3-playing, book reading, web browsing, game playing Android device is still a cell phone that was originally designed to make phone calls and communicate with others. Your smartphone manages tons of contacts from your email accounts and social networks, and if you have a ton of contacts, you might want to sort different contacts into different groups. In this guide, we’re going to go over some of the top address book replacement apps for when your built-in contacts app or dialer just doesn’t cut it. Jump past the break to get started.


ExDialer & Contacts is one of the more basic address book managers on this list, but it offers a lot of functionality that many built-in address books lack. Smart T9 dialing, theme and customization support, and support for over 30 different languages are things that are becoming more common in smartphones, (just look how long it took for Google to add T9 dialing to Android’s stock dialer) plus it retains a ton of management and organization support for handling your contacts. ExDialer borrows a few excellent features from other popular dialers, like swiping left to text a contact and swiping right to automatically call the contact.

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