Document Your Life with These Android Apps

Writing a journal is not the only way to keep a running record of your life. Journals are awesome – some people swear by them, but they can be time-consuming to maintain. Here are four ways to log your life without interrupting their flow, so that you can later recall what happened when. You’d be surprised.

One thing that’s cool about all of these tools is that your data doesn’t stay on your device, so it doesn’t die or get stolen with your device, either.

Evernote Food

journal 1   Document Your Life with These Android Apps

Evernote Food lets you snap several photos per meal, add tags, and specify the cuisine and the venue. But even if you don’t do any tagging or writing, you still get a great record. The screenshot above shows an actual meal (well, more like a crazy market binge) I had in Toronto’s excellent Chinatown back in October 2012. Images of the awesome pastries are saved along with a timestamp and a GPS location record. Just looking at this instantly reminds me of the flavors, smells, and atmosphere of that day – and all I had to write was just a short title.

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