How to fix Android 4.4.2 problems on the Galaxy S4

If you’re tearing your hair out since updating your Galaxy S4 to KitKat, read on and get some stress relief.

Sink your teeth into these KitKat solutions for the Galaxy S4. / © AndroidPIT

Lock screen of death

Turning your phone on to see a black lock screen is disconcerting at best and looks like the device hasn’t turned on at all at worst. While you can still unlock a black lockscreen as you would normally, it’s hardly a good thing. The quickest and easiest fix to get rid of this problem is to ditch the lock screen personal message.

Go to settings > lockscreen > lock screen widgets > clock or personal message > clock.

You don’t actually need to have had personal message enabled in the first place for this problem to affect you. The solution still works though.

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