How To: Deal With Your Smartphone’s Broken Keys With The Help Of Apps

Are those navigation buttons on your smartphone not working anymore after a nasty drop? Well, repairing the buttons is a definite solution. However, if you hate to spend money on gadgets (like me), or just too lazy to visit a service centre, we have some temporary home app remedies for you. The solutions vary depending on the software platform. Considering that it’s the most popular smartphone platform, let’s start with Android.

For Android Smartphones
If your Android phone’s hardware keys aren’t responding, head over to Play Store and install Anywhere Key (no root). Developed by A.Akira, this app enables on-screen SoftKeys — Home, Multitasking, Back, Messaging, Settings, and more. There are quite a few similar apps in Google’s app repository, but Anywhere Key makes it to our list since it doesn’t require a rooted handset. This means you don’t have to let go of your phone’s warranty.

If you find Anywhere Key too colourful for your liking, you can give Simple Control a shot. This app provides an easy-to-use strip of navigation buttons. However, you may find it somewhat obtrusive. So yes, navigating with these virtual keys may not be as convenient as the hardware buttons, but then it’s a substitute and not a replacement. –

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