3 Cool Ways to Quickly Launch Camera on Your Locked Android Device

How many times has it happened that you see something amazing, worth capturing in the mobile camera. But that fleeting moment usually doesn’t stop for you to fiddle around with your device’s lockscreen to find and launch the camera app. After that, all you can do is resort to social network whining, and hurling abuses at Android for letting you down. If only there was a way to launch the camera quicker, right? Well, there are not one but three such ways.

Android Camera

So let’s see how to launch the Android’s camera relatively faster than the conventional method. You might know about some of these tricks, but we often forget them when the time calls. The last one is especially cool though, something you probably don’t know about.

Add Camera as a Widget to Lockscreen

Android 4.2′s (and above) lockscreen comes with the option of adding different widgets to it. You can swipe right and left to add a widget on the screen that would allow you to quickly access the app directly, without the need to unlock the phone. You can simply add camera as one of the widgets to the lockscreen and then swipe left or right to invoke the camera app.

To make things even quicker you can configure the camera app to directly take photos without any delay as soon as the app is launched. In the camera settings, look for the Quick Launchoption and select Launch and capture. If you wish to take videos, select the corresponding option and save the settings. The next time when you launch the camera app from the lockscreen it will initialize and auto-focus automatically to take the photo.

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