GRE Vocab Lock Learn A New Word Every Time You Look At Your Phone [Android]

Having a richer vocabulary of words in your arsenal is one of the most effective ways to improve your speaking and writing skills, but there are so many words in English that it sometimes get really difficult to know where to begin. A few Google queries may return various online resources to nourish your vocabulary, and while it does work if you opt for the proper techniques, there are a number of smartphone apps now that can help you accomplish the same. If you want to learn a new word everytime you pick up your Android then GRE Vocab Lock is worth giving a shot. It acts as a secondary lock screen for your device and lets you learn a new word every time you unlock it. It houses a comprehensive built in dictionary for Graduate Record Examination (GRE) and SAT students, but is just as helpful for anyone who wants to learn new English words with ease.

The simple interface of GRE Vocab Lock is indeed not very impressive but it works as it should. After launch, GRE begins running in the background, and only pops up when you unlock your phone. The working of this app is as simple as the UI it boasts – after unlocking, it presents a word along with two possible synonyms one of which is the correct answer and all you need is slide the word onto the right one.

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