Pro tip: Fix the dreaded Android USB storage full issue

USB Storage Full


This is a problem that shows up every now and then. You’ll go to visit your Gallery only to be told your USB storage is full. You open up your file manager to find nothing in /sdcard/usbstorage — so, what’s the deal?

This problem can really be confounding. The issue can affect:

  • The Gallery
  • Music
  • You cannot transfer files, via USB, to a computer
  • You cannot install apps (even though you have plenty of space on your SD card)

This “simple” issue can become a frustrating treadmill of a nightmare — until you know a solution. The fix can be either incredibly easy or a bit time consuming. Either way, you’ll have your phone back to normal in no time. I’ll show you the easy fix first and then the more time-consuming possibilities.

The easy fix

Restart your phone. That’s right, restart it. Often this will clear up various caches on your phone and reset the likes of the USB storage back to normal. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Even if this doesn’t resolve this particular issue, it will give you the added bonus of speeding up your phone (funny how that works). If that doesn’t work, it’s time to move on to the next fix.

Cache cleaner

There are various apps on the Google Play Store specific to cleaning your phone’s cache. One of the better cache cleaners I have used is Clean Master. This easy-to-use tool (Figure A) is one of the best at cleaning up the cache and residual files.

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