What to expect from Android 4.4.3?

Although we have heard quite a bit of buzz surrounding the Android 4.4.3 update, there really hasn’t been anything concrete released in regarding what exactly will be included in this update to the OS. However, as promised by Google, the OS is always expected to receive two updates per year and with the Google I/O rapidly approaching, the evidence for Android 4.4.3 is everywhere.

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Last month, news was released in regards an update coming to the Nexus 5 which would provide a bunch of bug fixes for the device. However, Google hasn’t officially made any announcements in regards to this news.

Also in April, we had two other curious events transpire. One was an update to the Google Edu Device Setup on the Play Store, indicating that it now compatible to run on devices with Android 4.4.3. The other clue was in the leak of the redesign of application icons and the new UI dialer new stock Android.

As such, taking into account that there has been a ton of indicators pointing towards the arrival of a new version of the Google OS and that by all indications that it will continue with the naming convention of KitKat, it is time to ask ourselves: what can we expect from Android 4.4.3?

Bug fixes

Android 4.4 unfortunately released a plethora of different bugs across multiple devices, most notably Google’s own Nexus line. Unfortunately, not all of these issues were resolved with theAndroid 4.4.2 update. Bugs such as a frequent loss of network connections, freezing on the lock screen, misrepresentation of data usage graphs, LED not functioning properly and more should see themselves corrected in the next update.

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