How to speed up the Galaxy S5

AndroidPIT-Speed-Up-Galaxy-S5-androidabilityThe Galaxy S5 may only be a couple of months old, but that doesn’t mean that excessive bloatware and a rather laggy user interface don’t slow it down a bit. Besides regular factory resetting your S5, there are a few things you can do to speed up your S5. Here’s how to get your S5 running faster.

Get an alternate launcher

Part of the reason that Samsung devices are not so fast is because TouchWiz is a tired old beast of an interface. While you can’t solve all of your lag problems with a custom launcher, you can remove some of the launcher issues that TouchWiz brings. Of course, your Samsung apps are still going to run as Samsung coded them but at least your home screen response will get a bit of a boost. Head to the Google Play Store or check out our list of the best alternative launchers for Android and find one you like.

zlauncher teaser
With a custom launcher you can even get Nokia’s Z Launcher or Google’s GEL Launcher. / © ANDROIDPIT/Nokia

Stop apps from running on startup

There’s so many apps on the Galaxy S5 that when they all start syncing and running processes at startup the experience is not what you’d call a good one, especially if speed is of the essence. If you have root access you can use an app like System Tuner to freeze the apps that you don’t want running on startup. If you don’t have root then you can still achieve results with Advanced Task Manager.

AndroidPIT System Tuner Freeze App
System Tuner lets you freeze apps and processes so they don’t run at startup. / © ANDROIDPIT
Of course, you can also go into your App Manager settings and disable any apps you aren’t using. Likewise, check your individual app settings, especially Google apps, and make sure they aren’t all set to automatically sync unless you really want them to. If you’ve got fifteen Google apps all syncing at the same time you’ll be bogged down until they’re all done. The same logic goes for automatic updating of apps: if you turn your phone on and have thirty apps all updating at boot you’re not going to be posting that new Instagram picture of your dinner anytime soon.
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