How to build your own Bluetooth streaming home audio system

DIY-Bluetooth-audio-streamer-2-androidabilityGet superior audio quality without spending a ton of money

There are a lot of ways to stream music at home. Dedicated Bluetooth speakers, like the Supertooth Disco or Jawbone Jambox work well, but because they are designed for portability they don’t sound all that great. At home, the Chromecast is cheap and easy if you already have a home A/V system to distribute the music, or you can splurge and pick up a Sonos for better sound and features like multi-room broadcasting. But, as we all know, a DIY junkie always has his or her eyes open for something better.

I’ve got an alternative that lets you not only stream music from your Android (or any portable device that supports Bluetooth 3.0 or higher with A2DP) or computer, but will sound as good as you want it to sound, determined on how much you want to spend on speakers. Realistically, you can spend $200 and have the very best audio possible while streaming over Bluetooth, or you can spend $100 and have something that sounds really good and the satisfaction that you did it yourself.

And it’s really easy to set up once you figure out which parts to buy.

DIY Bluetooth audio streamer

We’ll talk more about the components in a bit, but first let me explain what you’re doing here. You’re taking a cheap (but surprisingly good-sounding) “bookshelf” amp, and using a Bluetooth audio receiver as its input. Add a pair of speakers, and you have instant stereo from Google Play MusicPandora, or any online streaming source.

It’s small, it’s cheap, and it sounds great.

Here’s what you’ll need.

by Jerry Hildenbrand

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