How do you secure your Android device?


For this week’s poll, we are curious about the general privacy and security habits of the Android users who come to our site. We talk nonstop about the protection of our private data on the internet, but smartphone users seem to pile more and more of it onto cyberspace each day. Are you sure that your Android device is secure?

Whether a thief, an ill minded friend or a heartbroken lover, it doesn’t matter who gets their hands on your phone, they could be able to gain access to personal data simply by swiping your lockscreen: they’ll see messages, pictures, bank accounts, search history, private apps…in short, just about anything.

Personally, having an unlocking code or pattern gets on my nerve, and often I (stupidly) get rid of it, which makes it a lot easier for prying eyes to get ahold of my information. That being said, there are quite a few new interesting methods for unlocking your phone which have been further developed in the past months, like the Knock Code by LG or the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S5 (though the latter has appeared on other devices already).

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My question to you is, how do you lock your smartphone? Do you even think about securing the data on your device? Tell us about your tips and tricks in the comments or answer the poll.

How do you secure your android device?

by Loie Favre

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