How to Get Started with Android Smartphones


Android is one of the world’s most popular mobile operating systems. Millions of smartphones use Android. Even though it’s not difficult to use Android, there is a slight learning curve.

Whether you’re a complete novice to the Android ecosystem, or a user switching from other smartphone platforms, this article will get you started on how to operate an Android smartphone. Please note that Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) is used in the steps.


  1. Unbox the phone and insert the SIM card, SD card and battery. After unpacking your phone, remove the back cover (if it has one) and install the battery. Put your SIM card and SD card (if applicable) in the slots designed for them. Read and follow the instructions in the user manual that came with the phone. Alternatively, locate the user’s manual for your make and model and read the instructions online.
    • Some phones will specify that you fully charge the battery before proceeding. Of course, refer to the phone manual.
  2. Turn your phone on. To turn the phone on, hold the power key until the screen is illuminated. The power key may be situated on the right hand side or on the top of the phone, depending on your phone’s manufacturer.
  3. Set up your phone. You’ll be greeted with a language selection screen. After choosing your preferred language, you will be asked to create or use an existing Google account. You can either create an account, use an existing account, or skip this step and do it later from the settings.
    • You may be asked to connect to a WiFi network.
  4. Unlock your phone. The very first thing you’ll see is the lock screen.This will be a simple swipe to unlock, or there may not be a lock screen set by default. Simply tap the lock icon and then swipe towards the unlock icon. Unlocking the phone will take you to your homescreen (5 by default).

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