Drive smarter and safer with these Android Auto tips

Most of the infotainment systems that come with cars are terrible. Voice recognition feels like it’s from the 1980s, and the navigation scheme would fail most usability tests.

Android Auto was supposed to fix that. Problem is, automakers have been driving in the slow lane when it comes to actually building it into their cars. So Google opted to take matters into its own hands and update Android Auto to operate in a standalone mode that lets you run it on your phone.

Android Auto is quite good, and genuinely improves the in-car experience. If you’re tired of having a dumb car, or just frustrated that your smart vehicle isn’t that brainy, here’s why you should get revved up with Android Auto.

Stay focused

If nothing else, Android Auto does one thing well—reduce potential distractions from using your smartphone while driving. It’s not a light matter, as it’s often way too tempting to glance at your phone or watch to see just who texted you.

The first key to reducing phone distractions is the interface. The Android Auto home screen features Google Now-like cards with the weather and suggested navigation options based on your account information. If you touch one of the destinations it’ll launch navigation to that destination. Or you can swipe it away if it’s no longer relevant. You have to re-tool your thinking slightly from the way stock Android works, but it’s easy to do after a little time with the app.



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