3 tips to get more out of your phone

Android generally offers all kinds of tweaks and customisation features that make using an Android device all the more easier. Here are three hacks for your Android device you may not know about:

Summon Google Assistant: By holding down the home button, you can summon Google’s AI assistant from almost anywhere on your device. Whether you are within an app or scrolling through Instagram, summoning Google Assistant can get you information on what your screen is currently displaying or just an opportunity for you to find out something from the Google assistant. You can also set it so you can summon Google Assistant anytime you want just by saying “OK Google”.

Check your phone info via USSD: Have you ever tried to check the details of the WiFi network you are connected to on your phone? Or check in-depth information about your phone? Well, you can do that and more by using the universal *#*#4636#*#* USSD service. Just dial the code.

Reboot your phone is Safe Mode: Sometimes your phone hangs or a virus gets into it and you want to reboot the device without losing your files. You can do that holding down the power button, holding down the “Power Off” option that shows up, and selecting “Reboot in Safe Mode”.

By Folarin Okunola

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