How to Protect Your Data in Case Your Phone Gets Stolen

Since you can never know when your phone might be stolen, you’ll need to take a proactive approach to lock down your data now. By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of a thief accessing your data while increasing the odds of locating your stolen device. Although we live in dangerous times, we do possess strong tools to protect ourselves.

Install an Anti-Theft App

With the rise of smartphone theft, many security-focused companies started to expand their efforts from remote threats to those nearby. This led to the creation of several anti-theft programs that combine different technologies to assist users if their device is stolen.

Typically, these programs will include remote tracking so that you can locate your device and relay that information to the proper authorities. Remote wiping is another great feature that allows you to wipe the data and prevent unwarranted access. If you conduct regular backups, you won’t lose any data, but the thief will not have access.

Google provides these two features and the ability the ring your device to help you locate your phone in an application called Find My Device. This year, Google combined this program with an antivirus suite to create Play Protect, which acts as a security platform for Android smartphones.


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