5 things to expect from the new Android O operating system

There was a time when smartphone users couldn’t imagine using anything but Apple’s iPhone. After all, the iPhone transformed cellphones from wireless phones into the multimedia devices we use all day for surfing the web, posting photos on social media, buying products, booking vacations, texting, emailing and making calls.

Yet Google’s Android is now more popular worldwide than Apple’s iPhone. In fact, well over 1 billion smartphones and tablets use the Android operating system.

By Kevin Downey

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13 Cool Google Assistant Tips for Power Users

One of the latest smart assistants to leave a mark among the masses, Google Assistant is surely grabbing a lot of attention. You could almost hear a cheer going up when it was announced that it would make the way to all the Android phone running version 6.0 and above.

A few days back we had covered a post on how to get the Google Assistant on any Android phone, today we’ll be presenting a few Google Assistant tips for power users. Let’s jump right on.

By Namrata Gogoi

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Facebook opens up 360-degree live streaming to all

Facebook just made live streaming 360-degree video relatively easy, provided you have the equipment to capture the content. Users of devices like the new 2017 model Gear 360 just announced at the S8 smartphone launch, or the Insta360 Nano (for iPhone) and Air (for Android), or a host of higher-end models designed for pros, you can go live and broadcast an immersive feed for your audience.… Read More


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Android co-founder’s new smartphone confirmed to run Android

The new smartphone from Andy Rubin, which will be the debut product of his new company Essential, will indeed run Android for its operating system. It looked that way from the tiny peek at the corner we got from Rubin’s tweet earlier this week, but now Google’s Eric Schmidt has confirmed it’ll be one of a few “phenomenal new choices for Android users coming very… Read More


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LastPass users, here’s what to expect in Android O

The company details what using LastPass will be like in Android’s next tasty iteration.

Do you use LastPass? And do you plan to use Android O on your device? In a lengthy blog post, LastPass detailed what to expect from the password manager now that Android will offer auto-fill capabilities across the entire operating system.

From its blog:

Here at LastPass, the hands-down, most-exciting part of Android O is Autofill APIs. Users running Android O will save tons of typing time and stay more organized thanks to Autofill APIs.

Autofill More than Passwords

Using LastPass on Android makes you more secure, but it also saves you time. You don’t have to spend time typing lengthy passwords in your browser or your favorite apps. Autofill APIs are going to let us save you even more time on your Android device, because we’ll be able to help you fill in more than just passwords. The Autofill Framework lets apps like LastPass recognize credit card forms and addresses as you come across them. If you’ve got that information stored in your vault, we’ll be able to safely fill it for you.


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Pinterest for Android now works with Nougat’s app shortcuts


The social collaging app takes advantage of a new feature introduced in Android 7.1.

blankAs Android users, we can appreciate when an app maker attempts to take advantage of some of Android native abilities. The app action shortcuts introduced in Android 7.1, for instance, are a worthy feature to add to marquee apps. Pinterest has certainly caught on.

The latest update to the Android app adds the aforementioned app action shortcuts. You can tap and hold on an icon from the Home screen for quick access to many oft-used tasks. There’s even a shortcut for the new Lens feature, which uses your camera to find pins relevant to what you’re seeing in real life. If you start to see you’re using one particular feature more often than the others, you can drag it down and out to sequester it into its own shortcut icon.


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Android plans to improve security update speed this year

Google has spent the past year working with third-party manufacturers and phone carriers to improve its update system for Android, which is often criticized for not being fast enough to protect users from known vulnerabilities. And while Google says it has made some progress in this area, about half of Android users still aren’t receiving important security patches. Read More


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High-res Galaxy S8 Plus leak shows more of Samsung’s new software

Mexico launch for Samsung’s new flagships slated for early May, with prices starting at 17,699 pesos.

Ready to kick off the weekend with a fresh Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus leak? Mexican site AndroidMX has bagged eight new images of the larger S8 model, with its 6.2-inch, “18.5:9” display.

The new images show off more of the Galaxy S8 Plus’s almost bezel-free design, along with a quick size comparison with the LG V20, but mostly we’re looking for clues about what’s next in Samsung’s software. These high-res shots offer some clues — for instance, one image shows that the double-tap home shortcut for launching the camera has been replaced with a double tap of the power key. Not a total shock given the lack of a physical button in the GS8 — but the power key is undoubtedly a harder target to hit in a hurry.


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