How to set up speech-to-text in Android

It is never easy, safe or legal to use your phone for typing, talking during certain situations like driving.

In order to help the users with this issue, Android has a feature that writes text messages using Speech-to-text and to our surprise, the voice recognition is accurate. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to use the Speech-to-text feature

Step 1: Open any app, that welcomes keyboard and tap into the field, where you want to write

Step 2: Now tap the Microphone button present on the corner.

Step 3: Once you get “Speak Now”, start dictating the words you need on the message.

Step 4: If you want to insert punctuations, you need to dictate that as well.

Step 5: For Punctuations: Period (.), comma (,), question mark (?), exclamation or exclamation point (!)

Step 6:
For Line spacing: Enter or new line, new paragraph

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Allo brings Google’s smarts to messaging


Google first announced Allo and Duo, its new messaging and video chat apps, at its I/O developer conference earlier this year. Duo launched about a month ago and today it’s Allo’s turn.

With Allo, Google is combining everything it has learned from its previous messaging products with the company’s machine learning smarts. Indeed, Allo marks the first time you’ll be able to use the Google Assistant, the company’s more conversational version of Google Now that will also soon find its way into products like Google Home, Android Wear and others.


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How to make Android Voice Search even smarter


Android’s Voice Search system lets you do tons of useful stuff by speaking to your phone — but when it comes to actual hardware control, the system’s always been pretty limited.

At least, until now.

A 16-year-old (!) developer named Ryan Senanayake has come up with a clever little hack that adds a potent range of powers to Google’s voice command system. It’s called Commandr, it’s completely free, and it’s something you’re almost certainly going to want on your Android device.

Once installed, Commandr runs completely behind the scenes; you’ll never actively think about it or consider the fact that you’re even using it. All it does is tack on a series of additional commands to Google’s native voice command interface — you know, the “Okay, Google” prompt or the microphone icon within Google Now.

So what exactly will Commandr allow you to do? Once the app’s installed, you can issue the following extra commands to your phone via the regular Voice Search system:

  • “Flashlight on” (or off)
  • “Wi-Fi on” (or off)
  • “Bluetooth on” (or off)
  • “Read unread SMS”
  • “Pause music”
  • “Resume music”
  • “Next song”
  • “Previous song”
  • “Playlist [name of Google Play Music playlist]”

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can also configure Commandr to work with Tasker — a separate app that allows some robust (though also somewhat complex) types of custom task programming.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, another app called AutoVoice integrates with Tasker to provide even more advanced possibilities — but it really isn’t for the faint of heart.

By: JR Raphael

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Send, Receive SMS Texts in Facebook Messenger on Android


Facebook wants to make the default messaging app on your Android device obsolete.

The social network on Tuesday announced that Android users can now send and receive SMS (aka text) messages in Messenger. In a post announcing the capability, Facebook took a veiled shot at SMS, suggesting it’s basic and something only a non-tech-savvy mother would still use.

“We know that people receive messages via both SMS and Messenger — for example your best friend sends you GIFs on Messenger whilst your mom only uses SMS — we want to make it easier to stay in touch with all the people you care about,” the post reads. “We hope that this new choice will bring the convenience of being able to access all your messages in one place, making your messaging a lot simpler and helping you stay on top of your conversations!”

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How to set auto reply messages for rejected phone calls on the LG G3


We’ve all been there. Your phone rings in the middle of a meeting or other engagement and you can’t answer, but you don’t just want to reject. You want to be polite about it. So you can send a message with your call rejection to let the person at the other end know you’re not just ignoring them. On the LG G3 this is a simple enough process to do, and you’re even able to set up your own personalized messages on top of the stock responses.

Here’s what you need to do to set up your own messages:

  • First up head into the main Settings app on the phone
  • Tap on “Call”
  • Scroll down and tap on “Decline with message”
  • You’ll see a bunch of pre-loaded messages covering various reasons why you can’t talk right now. To edit one of those tap on it and amend the text before hitting “Save”
  • To add your own hit the “+” button at the top right, write out your message and hit “Save”

by Richard Devine

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How to: Use Gmail to send and receive email from your other accounts


There are a few hoops to jump through, but when it’s all said and done you’ll able able to manage multiple email accounts in Gmail

As much as we wish we could all use just a single email address for everything, it isn’t always possible or advisable for one reason or another. It’s not uncommon to have email addresses from OutlookYahoo, your ISP and others in addition to Gmail — to say nothing of having a work email account. Luckily Gmail is capable of handling email from your other accounts, provided you’re willing to go through the setup process and get everything tweaked just right. You don’t have to install a bevy of email apps on your phone or manage anything on your own server, either, which makes this even simpler.

If you’re tired of going to different services to check for email and want it all in one place instead, this is the guide you’ll want to read. Read along and see how to aggregate all of your email activity into just Gmail.

Send email from another account using Gmail

In order to fully condense the use of another email address into just your Gmail account, you’ll need to first configure Gmail to be able to send mail from that account. After going through this process, you will be able to send email from within your Gmail account that looks as though it was sent from a non-Gmail address — pretty slick stuff.

You’ll have to do all of this configuration from the web interface of Gmail, as the advanced abilities aren’t baked into the Gmail app. That’s probably for the best, though, as you’ll have to manage a few different windows and accounts at the same time. Carve out a little time on evening and get it done on the computer.

Go to your Gmail settings on the web

In Gmail on the web, go the settings by clicking the gear in the top-right corner of the interface and clicking “settings.” On the next screen, click the tab at the top of the interface labeled “Accounts and Import.” You’ll then want to click “Add another email address you own,” which will show up underneath your main Gmail account in the “Send mail as:” section.

Enter your other email address

When you click that link, it’ll pop open a window that walks you through the steps of configuring another email address. First, you’ll enter a name for the account (auto-filled with your own name), and then the full email address. By default, the address will be treated as an alias — this means you’ll be able to send email that looks exactly as it would coming directly from that address, rather than from another provider. Click “next step.”

by Andrew Martonik

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How to use quiet mode on the LG G3


The LG G3 has its own do not disturb feature, here’s what you need to know

Android L might be bringing – finally – a fully fledged do not disturb mode baked in to the operating system, but with the LG G3 you’re already getting something along those lines with quiet mode. Activated either manually or at set times of the day, quiet mode has various configurable features to help give you the best experience.

Read on to see what it can do for you.

How to activate quiet mode

Quiet mode can turn itself on and off daily at certain times or it can be done manually. Whichever you prefer, it needs activating first in the G3s settings menu or in the notification tray. You’ll find it in Settings > Sound > Quiet mode where you’re given a toggle to turn it on and the items you can configure.

If you want to be able to turn quiet mode on and off from the notification tray you’ll need to ensure the toggle has been added. If it’s not, scroll all the way to the right where you’ll find the “Edit” toggle. Tapping this brings up a list of all the available toggles you can have in your notification tray. Make sure quiet mode is checked and you’ll be able to turn it on with a single tap.

You can also schedule the times you want quiet mode to activate, say, when you go to bed at night. When you’re inside the quiet mode menu in Settings, hit “set time,” then “schedule.” From there just pick the days of the week and times you want it to turn on and turn off.

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Put your phone front and center with this steering wheel mount


If you like to use your phone’s GPS capabilities to help you navigate to your destinations, here’s a universal steering wheel mount from that looks easy to use. This mount uses a rubber strap that wraps around your steering wheel and offers a clip with jaws that open a max of 75mm, allowing it to work with a wide variety of phones from the iPhone to larger phones like theSamsung Galaxy S5.

I’m always a little leery of posting news and reviews for phone accessories that strap to your vehicle’s steering wheel. It seems like whenever I do, at least one or more people will throw up their hands and run around screaming that it’s a horrible location to strap something. But, I figure that if you’re old enough to drive a car, you’re old enough to make your own decisions. Just don’t blame me if your phone ends up smacking you in the head if you get into a collision.

The Universal Car Steering Wheel Mount / Holder is priced at a very reasonable $2.95. For more info about this product, visit

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