Streamlabs brings its livestreaming app to Android

Streamlabs came up with a  way for livestream broadcasters to make money from tips, and it is taking that tech to mobile livestreaming with its first app in the Google Play store for Android.

The San Francisco company has become popular for streamers who stream video — from game broadcasts to video shows — in real-time to fans on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. It enables streamers to monetize their followers by enabling easy tipping.

In the past quarter, the company grew its users 53 percent and processed over $25 million in tips (at no charge) for streamers. The company now has more than 500,000 monthly active channels where streamers are using it on the PC. Streamlabs is on track to process $100 million in tips in 2017.

The company announced today their first mobile livestreaming app in the Google Play store for all Android mobile devices, allowing for more engagement between streamer and viewer. And as for tips, rivals such as YouTube take a 30 percent cut of tips, while Streamlabs doesn’t take a cut at all.


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